Nathan Griswold



Dust House

Paper and light installation in warehouse environment.


Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 7.29.29 AM.png

Prism Study #1


Wood, light, sound and Plexiglass on Atlanta's Beltline.

_MDB022288 (1).jpg


Floating platform suspended by harp string. Lights, performance live sound in vacant structure. 

Hambidge 2017 Pt II-11 (1).jpg

Extended Decay

Paper, light and sound installation in collaboration with Dorothy O'Connor in vacant structure.

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Lighting powered by tandem bicycle. Gallery install with sound scape.

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Babies in Space

Light and sound collaboration with Kelly O'Brien and Jane Cassidy. Build out in the Alliance Theatre's Bankoff Gallery. Construction of 12'X8' Velcro wall.



Mylar floor on rooftop. Construction of 4'X4' Mirrored Acrylic panels. Lighting and Sound install.